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Step 2 - Submit your Art

Please click on the box "submit your art" and fill out the form. The fields marked with * are mandatory. Details of your objects: dimensions, technique, material, framing, designations, Photos etc. - maximum of 3 images with a maximum of 500 KB each - in the field "Photos" upload. For example, for paintings and works on paper photos of the front, back, signature. Tell us your asking price.

Step 3 – Your Art will be examined

Our specialists will check your artwork. If a sale via ARTRIUM is eligible we will contact you within 14 days.

Step 4 – Your successful Submission

Upon agreement between you and ARTRIUM regarding the acceptance and sale price of the artworks offered, we will detail your sales order by email. For the processing, determination and classification in the online catalog, a staggered fee rate per object will be charged (see sales charge). We are happy to advise you regarding the delivery. The expenses for the contribution are borne by the consignor.

Step 5 – Your Artwork is sold

You will be promptly notified after successfully selling one of your artworks. For each object sold, ARTRIUM reserves 30% commission on the proceeds of the sale. (see sales charge) Your net sales of 70%, plus the sales fee paid, will be transferred to the account you requested by bank transfer.

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