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Peter Evans

Untitled II


Acrylic, paste, gesso on jute, canvas
76 x 56 cm

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about the artist

Peter Evans

ARTIST STATEMENT: ,,I am a multidisciplinary artist from London. My work begins by collecting found objects, items from the everyday or overheard snippets of conversation that will be used as materials to re-work, collage, paint on or present in new often abstract forms. These new forms address how we cope with the unanswered questions of life in the way we deal with the mundanity of daily routine - how we can talk about the weather while spinning through space on a rock and not knowing why; how we can evade the enormity of contemplating the universe by making a cup of tea. My work celebrates the poetry in the ways we deal with this disconnect and the overlooked details of the ordinary. By repurposing familiar materials, the work reveals an unexpected view of the unremarkable.”

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