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Ruben Benjamin

Too much Candy

Mixed media on canvas
80 x 80 cm

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about the artist

Ruben Benjamin

* 1994 , Germany

Ruben Benjamin was born in 1994 in south Germany. He studied at the technical university of munich, but has always been artistically and musically active. Coming from a completely different industry, he brings a fresh, minimalist perspective to the German art market. "I am fascinated by the energetic luminosity which is achieved by arranging and combining colors in a three-dimensional manner. Over the last years, I studied the effect of voluminous textures, which often flourish through bold color arrangements. This purism and the provoked contrast of light and shadow affected by the depth of the artworks characterize my work. "Color, heavy texture, and dynamics. I would describe my work rather as sculptures for walls than paintings. Light and shadow do the rest. I try to keep things simple. These elements allow me to capture unique moments in time. Thus, focusing on the present moment is the spotlight of my artwork. Especially in a time where we are utterly distracted by an information overflow“. Ruben Benjamin 2021

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